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Established in 2002, Singapore Lists is a renowned name for companies aiming to reach decision makers and customers in Singapore. Despite having world-class products and services there are marketers who are not able to reach their target audiences. The reason is the absence of the complete contact details of the target audiences. Our aim is fill that gap between the marketers and the potential buyers.

These Are The 6 Reasons Why You Should Choose Singapore Lists:

Quantity : Singapore Lists provides you a huge prospect DataBank for your campaigns. You will never run short of quality business leads.

Quality : Freshness is another feature of our services. Each record in our DataBank is verified over phone and email. All the records are updated once in every 90 days.

Timeliness : We understand that every second is important for your business. Your request for prospect DataBank or data upgrading will be processed instantly and the final output will reach you at the earliest.

Knowledge : With 6 years of experience, we have the ability to understand the clients' business needs and marketing aims and provide the solutions based on that.

Code of practice : We strictly abide by the DMAS Guidelines for email marketing and SPAM Control Act 2007. The DataBank we compile contains only permission-based contact details.

Price : With fresh data and a huge DataBank, we have kept the price affordable so that small businesses too can reach their Singapore targets. You can compare our prices with other service providers.

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