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Data Upgrade Services

Our Data Upgrade is a process where we upgrade your existing database by adding the missing data to it. Send us your existing database and we will complete it by adding any missing information.

How do we do it?

  • We collate the customer database that is incomplete and outdated
  • Records in the customer database is matched with our Singapore Data Bank
  • Contact details are checked and the dead ones are replaced with the fresh ones
  • Missing contact details are added to the database from the Singapore Data Bank
  • Test emails, Tele-verification and other channels are used to verify the contact details
  • The verified opt-in contact records are added to your database

Thus, the client owns an Upgraded Database that ensures successful marketing using the records from the fresh, upgraded data base. Clients can opt for customized Data Upgrade service from us, based on their marketing requirements:

Some of the customized forms of Data Upgrade offered by us include:

Email Upgrade : Official email addresses that are opt-in and Spam Control of Singapore compliant are placed in the missing email field of your customer database.

Phone Upgrade : Missing phone numbers are verified and added to the database. The verification ensures authentic phone numbers thus ensuring telemarketing success.

Fax Upgrade : Valid fax numbers are added to customer's database or the existing ones are cross-verified to enable a fast mode of marketing for companies through fax.

Postal Upgrade : Direct mailing addresses of clients across Singapore are added and the old contacts are upgraded on the client database.

Other Upgrade : Demographic details and other personal traits are added to the existing customer database that allows clients to own a complete database.

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