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The AS/400 that is rebranded as the eServer iSeries is a mid-range server from IBM installed in large companies at the department level, government institution and in around any business sector. If your company is looking to contact such industries or your product targets them, our AS 400 Users Lists can be of great help for you. At Singapore Lists, we aim to facilitate our client's marketing campaigns by providing to them information of the top-tier executives of large companies. We are aware that most of the large reputed companies are AS 400 users, and getting their contact information can increase your revenues instantly.

Therefore, the AS 400 Customers List comes with data like first name, last name, fax number, zip code, email address and many more to benefit our clients with the multi-channel marketing. Such multiple information helps you to identify your target precisely and pitch your product accordingly. Our IBM AS 400 iSeries Users Email List ensures quality leads and fresh data from the most trustworthy sources. Your business-to-business campaigns get new grounds that are highly reputed and are using AS 40 technology. Though there is an ample of B2B marketing database available on the web, what can make difference to your multi-channel marketing campaigns is true data – data that is accurate, regularly updated and thus, credible. At Singapore Lists, we provide our clients with the most accurate data that has an accuracy rate of 95 per cent. So, think wisely before making a deal.

Most Reliable Option for Your Marketing Plans- Our AS 400 Users Lists.

The AS 400 Users Mailing Database provided by the Singapore Lists help you to build a successful business sales pipeline by removing barriers and mediators between you and the high-level professionals of companies using AS 400. It reduces costs and saves you valuable time. Our List of Companies Using AS400 has several customization options based on demographics like geographical location, job title, industry type, etc. Also, it consists of other customized lists within it such as AS 400 Users Lists, AS 400 Networking Users List, iSeries users List and many more that allow you to pitch your product more precisely.

We guarantee a 95-per cent deliverability rate of your email campaigning. As 25% of data of business lists get decay every year, we verify our leads by sending verification emails, calls to bridge the gap between you and the current working professionals. Dead leads are constantly removed to ensure that our IBM AS400/ iSeries Customers Mailing Lists stays fresh and updated.

We also append data on regular intervals after it gets delivered to our client without extra cost. Our priority is to keep our client satisfied and hence we understand that every client has their requirements and specifications. So, we tailor our services according to their needs and provide them with the most suitable database for their business.

Expand Your Customer Base With Our Unbeatable IBM AS 400 Users List.

At Singapore Lists, we design the List of Companies That Use AS 400 intending to provide accurate and responsive leads. To accomplish this, we gather data from the most trusted and authentic sources across Singapore like Government surveys, company directories, seminars, etc. Our data scientists stay connected with such sources and work together to make such reliable lists like AS 400 Users Lists. Our highly customized and well-segmented AS 400 Users Email Address List allows our clients to pitch their product to the reputed companies using this technology directly through emails. The verified and updated AS Users Database at Singapore Lists strengthens your marketing campaigns and make sure that you achieve better conversion rates.

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